Why iran?

Rich Curative Tourism

Iranian medical facilities according to special situation of Iran can provide a massive potential for medical and health tourism. Iran can become a hu

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More Diverse Climate

Iran has a diverse climate. In the northwest, winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures from December to February.

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Rich Mineral Springs

Mineral springs have therapeutic and healing properties amongst other natural phenomena, in addition to the aesthetic aspects that create eye-catching

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Top Ranking in Treatment

Specialized hospitals and equipment have made Iran health status to be distinct from other neighboring countries. Iranian health team has a strong aca

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Well Known Physicians

The practice and study of medicine in Persia has a long and prolific history.In recent years, some experimental studies have indeed evaluated medieval

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Low Costs

Each year more tourists travel to other countries to receive a higher quality and more affordable healthcare and medical treatment rather than their o

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