Rich Curative Tourism

Rich Curative Tourism

Iranian medical facilities according to special situation of Iran can provide a massive potential for medical and health tourism. Iran can become a hub of medical tourism in the region in future.

One of the types of tourism, is Curative Tourism. Another name of curative tourism is therapeutic tourism.  This type of tourism is often used to treat some diseases such as skin diseases or recreation in natural therapeutic sources.  In this type of tourism, natural resources (spa and   mineral   waters, salt   lakes & halo therapy, sludge treatment, mud therapy, sand dunes, radioactive sand, herbal baths, and thalassotherapy) are used. Iran is a country which has a great diversity of climate   and   natural   resources.

In the water treatment field, as one of the attractions and privileges of Iran for health tourism, more than 1000 mineral springs have been identified so far. There is also no exact data from those who travel to Iran for the purpose of treatment or use of centers such as water treatment centers, but according to the authorities, annually about 20,000 tourists from the countries around Persian Gulf and Iraq travel to various Iranian cities for treatment. 

Urmia Lake in Iran and also the therapeutic properties of water and Mud is an example of these sites. This lake is the sixth largest saltwater lake on earth.

Another health tourism site is salt therapy clinic, which has been created with a room resembling salt derived from materials transferred from the Chaharabad salt mine in Zanjan, (in collaboration with the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and the General Directorate of Cultural and Tourism of Zanjan province) in which Sixty patients have been investigated with asthma and poor allergy.

 Also, Sarein is pioneer as Iran's health tourism. The existence of hot water mines in this city has been famous in Iran. Every year, tourists from all over the country and around the world travel to Iran with the purpose of skin care, joint pain, rheumatism, and so on.